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Best apps for earning money | Money earning apps – 2019

Best earning apps: There are many people out there who are on the lookout for best earning apps from which they could earn some perks. But most of the apps on Google Play store are not genuine and some of the apps just waste a lot of your time. That is why here I’m with the best apps for earning money through your smartphone.

Best apps for earning money – 2019

best apps for earning money


Below is the list of some of the best applications through which you can earn lots of money. Now I have personnel used these apps and I have been benefited a lot with these apps. You can surely try these apps and I’m sure that you’ll be too benefited with these applications. So just relax, grab a cup of tea and just read this full article.

1. Fiverr – Freelance Services

Fiverr is one of the best apps for earning money. This is a freelance application which offers tons of options to interested people. All you have to do is register yourself on this application. You will get many options where in you can earn money.

You can earn by displaying your work ad and your project completion fees. Interested users will contact you. And if you’re punctual with your work and presentation, then are chances that you’ll be recommended by them.

best apps for earning money

Fiverr is opportunity for those who intend to make money on part time basis, also the opportunity is for people who want to work from home. The payment is done on dollar basis so the payment will be directly credited to your PayPal account. There are many payment options but PayPal account is much safer and highly appreciated.

Also the category in Fiverr application is vast, so you can invest your valuable time in any of your interested work and earn accordingly. So Fiverr becomes one of the best apps for earning money without any barrier.

Download Fiverr application by clicking here.

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2. Meesho: Work from Home, Earn Money and Resell

Meesho is also one of the best apps for earning money. Basically Meesho is re seller platform application. Here in this application you have to sell products to your audiences or your friends or family. But the important and the main point is you can earn money on which profit margin that you have set on the particular product.

meesho application

In Meesho you can earn 25000 rupees 30000 rupees every month. All you have to do is promote your product in such a way that people are interested in buying your recommended products. While selling these products you can set your required margin of profit in the particular product, so you will earn money as soon as the sales has been done.

Also your customer will not be able to you know that you have set a particular margin for your profit. So the bill they get will be the final bill that you have set after adding your margin profit. This application is widely attracted towards women who are working from home.Where they can make 25000 rupees to 30000 rupees every month by using this application.

Meesho is trusted and appreciated reseller platform application. So Meesho becomes one of the best apps for earning money.

Download Meesho app just by clicking here.

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3. Dream 11

Dream 11 sports fantasy league application and it is one of the best apps for earning money. Most importantly this application is legal. In this application if you are lucky enough then you can brag the highest price up to 25 lakhs per contest. There are many leagues where you can take part starting from 10 rupees to head to head competition upto 9999 rupees.

Getting started with Dream 11 is really easy. This app is not available on play store, but we’ll provide you the links below. You have to just login with your Google or Facebook account or either you can go with your phone number or email address. first you will get hundred rupees bonus only if you got a referral code which will give you 100 rupees cash bonus.

Dream 11 apk

Playing with the dream 11 is really easy all you need to have is basic cricket knowledge and some luck. You have to create your team of 11 members from both the teams. You have to select a captain and vice captain captain and vice captain points will be the main factor of this game.

In a grand league there will be around 1500000 participants and the first prize will be around 25 to 30 lacs. The prize distribution will be done by partition of amount between number of players according to their standings. Prizes won in the the league’s will be directly credited to your bank account or Paytm , Phonepe account. So Dream11 trusted and one of the best apps for earning money.

Download Dream 11 app just by clicking here.

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4. MPL – Mobile Premier League

MPL is online multiple gaming application. In MPL you can earn lots of money by playing your favourite games online, it is one of the best apps for earning money. Currently this application is not available on Google play store but you can download from the below links given.

money earning app

MPL also offers you fantasy leagues, where you can predict the match results and earn more money. MPL offers unlimited games option where you can play with each other or even multiple group tournaments. The entry fees are very small and the prizes are really good. Entry fees start from rupees 1 and you can invest as per your convenience.

This application is mainly for those who want to earn money during their free time by playing their favorite entertaining games.  The payment can be made directly to your bank account, Paytm account or UPI account. The maximum withdrawal per day is 10000 rupees. So basically if you use your free time for earning money then you can invest your time into MPL. And with this you can earn lots of money by playing your favorite games.

Download MPL app just by clicking here.

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5. Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion rewards application is from Google to provide rewards to users by taking survey. This is not a daily earning app. You will get occasional survey questions from Google where they ask 2-4 questions and they will pay you some perks. Google opinion rewards is a must have application in your phone.

Google opinion rewards

It may not be a large sum of money but surely you can collect all these small amount of money. And use it for your app purchases and Google services. Also the size of this application is very small and you will get notified when you get new survey. So you are not wasting your time on the survey and you will earn some amount of money with this. And this is one of the best apps for earning money.

Download Google opinion rewards app just by clicking here.

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So guys these were some application through which you can earn some perks. Whichever apps are mentioned above are genuine and if you work a bit hard you can some reasonable amount of money. So please if you liked this article and found it helpful then make sure you share this to your friends and relatives. Now lets get into the conclusion part.


1. Fiverr: You can reasonable amount of money with this by providing gigs for the people, so that they can approach you. And there are many who are ready to pay you as much you demanded for your gigs. And whatever money you earn will be directly transferred to your bank account.

2. Meeshu: An online reselling app in which you will get your share or margin. Only if you sell their product at a price higher than their selling price. And whatever money you earn will be directly transferred to your bank account.

3. Dream 11: This is the best fantasy league application from which you can earn money. Just get started then create your team and join any contest if you are very lucky you can earn upto 100k in one game. If you have anyknowledge about cricket,football and kabaddi, then you should definitely try this app.

4. MPL: With this MPL app you can earn money just by playing games and this app is genuine. Just play any number of games by MPL and if you play well you can earn upto Rs. 5000 or more each day. So these the most genuine and the easiest way to earn money through your phone.

5. Google opinion rewards: This is survey app by google. Google will be giving some surveys or one application which you have to fill. And in return they will be rewarding you with some perks. Sometimes you may get these surveys frequently by google you have to just in their app.

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