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Best programming languages | Programming languages – 2019

Programming languages: In today’s world software development has become very essential skill. And there is lot demand for this skill. However if you want to learn software development but don’t have any idea on. opting a best programming language then you should read this article.

programming languages

There are many number programming languages which are useful for different tasks. But not all  programming languages have high market value and demand.

So below is the list of best programming languages which are highly in demand.

Best programming languages – 2019:

1. Java :

Java is a very popular and one of the widely used programming language in coding industry. The java language has got very great value and one can get jobs easily in software companies if they know only this language. Java is very popular since last 10 years and 60% of coding industry is based on Java.


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Java is very simple and powerful programming language. However java is said to be bit difficult at initial but still it is easy to understand and becomes easy as you get used to it.  It is mostly useful for creating android apps, web applications, applets, etc.

With the help of Java one can easily create cloud based application, web API’s and client apps. You should definitely opt for Java if you want to enter into android development. However if you want get started with java then you need to simply install JVM and eclipse. If you want to know more of this you can just checkout some articles for free.

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2. Python :

Python is also a another programming language which is useful for many purposes. The python is very popular and many software companies like google, Facebook, Microsoft promotes it. So you can imagine the value of this language.

Python is used for many purposes like app development, ethical hacking, machine learning, etc. Basically it is used for almost all purposes and the important one is artificial intelligence. AI or artificial intelligence is growing day by day and many billion dollar companies are promoting this.

programming languages

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The best thing about python is that, it is the simplest and easiest programming language among all. So if someone wishes to learn python they can easily finish it within a month. And this is also a main thing which makes it popular.

So if you want create apps, do ethical hacking, machine learning and more go for this. Majority of people opt for this programming language. Because as mentioned above top companies will show interest for this field. So Python can be a option for you to start with software development.

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3. Java script :

Nowadays Java script has become very essential in the field of software development. It is hard to imagine software industries without Java script as it is used for multiple purposes. Java script is very popular because it is very simple to understand and has high market value.

Java script is mainly used for web development and for animation purposes. Whatever animation or transition you see in some websites is because of Java script. The best thing about Java script is that can be used when you are offline. Only thing you need to run Java script code is html editor for example we have Notepad++ as one of the code editor.


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Java script very high in demand by many well known software companies. So if you are familiar with Java script thee are lot of chances that you get high paying jobs. Even if you don’t want to do a job you can just be a free lancer and earn lot of money. Because many people for online business purpose lookout for someone who is familiar with Java script.

However if you are interested in web development then you can definitely go with this programming language. To begin with Java script only thing you need to install is a code editor like Notepad++.

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4. Swift :

Swift is also another popular programming language which was created by Apple. This programming language is deeply influenced by Python and Ruby. So this makes it a beginner friendly language and easier to understand. Swift is popular because it has got very smooth interface and it uses simple codes.

Mostly whatever we see in iOS or Mac OS, it is made with swift. Swift is widely used for developing native iOS and Mac OS apps. This is one of the programming language which is faster, more secure and hence easier to read. For one who is already familiar with other programming languages like c, c++ they can easily switch to swift.


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Because it requires less code and some parts are similar as that of other programming languages. But one flaw in swift is that it becomes unstable as you update it. So if you are one who is planning to go with iOS and Mac OS development then you can definitely go with this programming language without any doubt.

However if you want to know about how to begin with swift then you can checkout some articles or You Tube videos for free. It will take very short time get all the basics.

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5. C/C++

Almost all the software developers should be familiar with this programming language. C program is the simplest and the lightest programming language. Whereas C++ is an upgraded version of C language. It is recommended by everyone to always start with C/C++ program to start with software development.

Now there are lots and lots of uses of C/C++ program but still they are kind of outdated in today’s world. But if you want to get a job in any software companies as a developer then you should be very familiar with this programming language. This is the first programming language which is taught first in schools or colleges.

programming languages

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With the help of C/C++ language you can solve many theoretical and practical queries. Also with the help of this programming language you can simple calculators, BMI checking code and so on. So these are some of the basic things which you can learn with the help of C/C++ programs.

However if you are going to begin with any of the programming language then we would recommend you to first begin with this. Because if you know some basics of this language then you can understand other languages as well. If you want start with C or C++ then you can check out some articles for free. It will take only a week to understand this language.

So this is the list of 5 best programming language which are high in demanded by many software companies. These list of programming languages are easy to understand and one can learn these all within 3 months.

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Conclusion :

These are the list of best programming languages which are very useful and high in demand to get job in any top software companies like google, Facebook, Microsoft and other billion dollar companies.

  1. Java: Best for android app development and other interesting stuffs.
  2. Python: Best for machine learning, app development, AI and more.
  3. JavaScript::It is widely used for web development and many other things.
  4.  Swift: It is mainly used for iOS and Mac OS development.
  5.  C/C++ : It should be learned by everyone as it is a basic structure of every programming language.

If you have any queries related to this article or this website feel free to comment down below we will surely reply your comment.

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