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5 things to consider while creating a YouTube channel in 2019

How to grow your YouTube channel in 2019: Starting a YouTube channel in 2019 is really a hard task and it is mostly due to high competition. But if you follow our simple and effective steps given below, then you will be able to create a successful YouTube channel in 2019. And with these tips, after creating a YouTube channel you will also be able to earn a lot of money through YouTube.

creating a YouTube channel

Now before starting with these tips firstly you will have to create a YouTube channel. If you want to know about creating a YouTube channel then you can check out some videos on YouTube.

5 things to consider while creating a YouTube channel:

1. Content

Firstly before creating a YouTube channel choose a topic in which you are actually interested in creating videos. There are different types of topics such as tech, vines, music, fitness and so on. While choosing a topic make sure to choose a topic in which you are comfortable to create more and  more videos.


Now once you are familiar with your topic next step is to maintain the quality of the content. Whenever you create the videos, which could be on music, tech, fitness, etc. make sure you maintain the quality of your video. For example if your channel is based on teaching, then firstly you have to maintain the audio quality. The audio quality can be enhanced by simply removing unwanted background noise.

And if you want quality audio output then you can just invest some money on mic. The mic which I would recommend is Boya by M-1 which you’ll get for only 15$ or 1000 bucks in Amazon. Now this was about audio but you have to also focus on the video quality. Try to shoot your videos under good lighting condition. And if you want any lighting I would recommend yo to go with Sonia Pair Porta Umbrella Video Light for only 10 to 50$ in Amazon.

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2. Targeting the user base

After the selection of content, it is important to target a user base or group of people. Gradually youths are more into the YouTube community and they can become a major source of your subscription. Also some of the content can be targeted towards mid aged and old aged people to attract subscription. However if you plan well and execute your content in well manner then you can succeed attracting people towards your channel.

targeting user base

For example aged people are more interested in comedy and funny channels. Also family friendly content is more preferred between elderly audience. Youth group prefer vines, music and technical channels and kids are more towards animation and cartoon content.

Although content of different group can vary. And it is important that you have to select a user base where you can be successful to pull audiences towards your channel. In turn this will help you and your channel to grow with steady pace. So this is the second step which you have to consider while creating a YouTube channel.

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3. Regular Uploads

Consistency is very important in the YouTube career. Regular uploads play a important role in growth of your channel. Because there is never a guarantee that your every uploaded videos to become viral. Also consistent and regular uploads helps gain attention of your viewers. This will also in turn helps you to get good support from your subscribers.

regular uploads

If you are unable to upload a video on daily basis then you have to make a schedule on which you can upload videos. Also don’t be in a hurry while uploading videos. Because at the end of the day quality content is important than the quantity content.

The video that you are going to upload need to be short and sweet. Because the lengthy video can bore your viewers. And you should be able to provide all the details in the given length of the video time. Incomplete details can lead to viewers to go on search of other channels. So this is a third step which you have to consider while creating a YouTube channel.

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4.Thumbnail & Tags

While uploading videos it is important that the thumbnail of the video attracts the viewers. This helps to gain more subscribers. The more eye catchy thumbnail you prepare the more you attract the subscribers and the new viewers.

Also make sure that your thumbnail has enough information to attract audiences. And also include the same content in your video as in Thumbnail. If you show something else in thumbnail and different content in video then it will not encourage growth of your channel and viewers will not be pleased.

creating a YouTube channel

The tags in your videos also plays important role in increasing views on your video. Best tags applied on videos will helps your video to rank among other videos. This will automatically help your video rank among the competition.

There are plenty of photo editing apps that can help you in creating attractive thumbnail. A thumbnail should include all the details or surprises that will make your viewers to click it. And for tags there are extensions and tools that are available for Google Chrome PC, the one which i would recommend will be Tube Buddy. And for mobile there are several useful apps on Google play store with which you can select tags that can help you to rank your video on YouTube. So this is the fourth step to follow before creating a YouTube channel.

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5. Interact with your Subscribers

Interaction with your subscribers is important because this will help to maintain a bond between you and your subscribers. In turn it support you to grow your channel. Usually YouTubers arrange giveaways of products on their channels for lucky subscribers, arrange meetups and Live Q n A (Questions and Answers). This will retain your subscribers and subscribers will also interested in your upcoming videos.

how to grow your YouTube channel

At beginning level its not possible for every YouTuber to arrange giveaway. But you can go in live session with Q n A videos. Also the new community tabs will help to keep your subscribers engaged. You can also create polls, upload photos, upload stories and engage your subscribers.

You can also ask your subscribers to follow you on Instagram, Facebook and social media sites. And there you can interact with your subscribers by sharing some piece of information related to your content. So this is the final step to follow before creating a YouTube channel.

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The above mentioned steps will for sure help you in creating a successful YouTube channel. The other thing that you need to be very patient. Because initially your channel might take time to grow but as the time goes YouTube will start suggesting your videos. But for that you have to upload videos and do not give up.

Conclusion :

  1. Content:  Choose a topic or niche in which you are you are actually interested and which motivates you to                create more and more videos. And also make sure to maintain the quality for video.

   2. Targeting the user base: It is important to target a user base or group of people. Now youths are more                      interested in vines, tech, gaming and elderly people are more interested in funny videos. So make sure you                target a particular user base.

3. Regular uploads: Consistent and regular uploads help to gain attention of your viewers. And more over your            videos might go viral since YouTube encourages to upload videos on daily basis. If you consistently upload                videos, YouTube is more likely to suggest your videos to different users.

  4. Thumbnail and Tags: Always make sure to create attractive thumbnail with enough information for videos. This        helps to attract more viewers. And also make sure to put tags related to your video since it helps to rank your            video.

5. Interact with your subscribers: Q n A and giveaways helps you to interact with your subscribers and also live          sessions help you to interact with your subscribers.

So these are the 5 things to consider while creating a YouTube channel. If you have any question related to this article you can just comment down below. And also make sure you checkout my other article.

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