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How to save the money | Best money saving tips – 2019

How to save the money: Now imagine if you found some extra money in your monthly budget. You can use it for some real vacation, for an emergency or to buy a new vehicle and so on. But at last you will be free from any kind of debt.

Now if you want to save the money these are some effective tips which you can use to save money on everyday expenses. And also these tips are going to be very useful for your future.

how to save the money

Money saving tips:

Now saving money is all based on your mindset. It should not be like you do this for few days and then back to normal, you should do this continuously. By doing so you will begin to see results soon and it can literally change your life. So now whatever money saving tips I’m going to give should be followed at least one month and you will start seeing progress.

So these are some ways by which you can save money in different ways:

1. Maintain your Budget :

Now if you want to save the money you should never run out of your budget. Imagine you are in the mall and you want to buy some clothes. Now if your budget is around 50-60$ you should not go beyond the limit like you should not spend 100$.

Because that’s way more than your budget and indirectly you are wasting your money on the things which you don’t want. The other example could be on buying unnecessary electronics and other items which you actually don’t require.

maintain your budget

So in order to stop wasting your money unknowingly first you need to figure out your budget that is how much you actually want to spend. And if you are one who consider going to restaurant try sticking on your budget and go for smaller servings. Although it is much better to have homemade food if possible. So this will be my first tip to save the money.

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2. Ask for discounts:

Asking for discounts is one of the thing which can save your lot of money. Whenever you go to a shop consider asking for discounts. Because lot of times shopkeepers set a big profit margin for their items. Its a loss to a consumer who purchases their product at full price.

how to save the money

While doing some shopping if you feel like the price for a particular product is very high then bargain with shopkeepers. This step can save your lot of money. And also if you are planning to buy movie tickets then first check for the discounts or online cash backs. Because lot of times we get lot of discounts and offers in some online apps.

If you are one who orders lot of stuffs online then always check for the offers or coupons. And consider buying on their offer day because you will get lot of discounts to a number of products. This step can also help you to save lot of money.

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3. No credits:

This step could be one of the effective way to save the money. So you should always try to avoid taking loans if not necessary. There are many people out there who take high loans for buying a new car or for some other things. Although it’s not wrong to take loan but while paying it back you need to pay money back with interest.

save money

A person who is highly economically stable can pay it back without any trouble, but a middle class guy has to struggle a lot. Also it will be very difficult for a guy who is not economically stable. So never take a loan when not necessary, however during the time of emergency you should stick to it if you don’t have any other choice.

And if you want to start a new business or want to invest in something then you should surely use the facility of loan. Because these things can become a source of income and with that you can pay your loan back without any problem. So do try this money saving tip.

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4. Pay yourself first:

Whenever you get your monthly salary you should first consider saving some percent of money for yourself. Many people do not care about this and they waste all the money they got from their salary. That is why when you get your salary you should keep some amount of money as savings.

money saving tips

This money can be later invested in mutual funds or could  be kept in a savings account. And you can use this money for any purpose in future like for your new startup and so on. So always remember when you get your payment keep some for yourself rest spend for your survival and your family..

By following this step every month it can possibly make you financially stable and can make your life simpler. So this is also one of the effective way by which you can save the money.

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5. Leave bad habits:

Some of the bad habits like smoking, drinking liquor, betting and also by other’s bad habits can waste your money. For example some people have a habit of smoking and an average people spend about 150 rs a day for just some cigarettes. Like this per month he will be spending at least 3k to 4k rupees a month.

no smoking

That’s too much of money wasted, the other example could be on liquor. These habit also worsens your health. Although it’s ok for guy who is doing these in limits, that is occasionally smoking or having liquor is much better than having it daily.

So you should try to stop all your bad habits, because this one step can save lot of your money and keep you healthy. And this would me my final and very important money saving tips on how to save your money. Please do check for the conclusion of this article below.

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1. Maintain your budget:  Always plan your budget before going to any malls or stores.

2. Ask for discounts: Before purchasing anything first always check for discounts.

3. No credits: Always try to avoid taking loans when not necessary.

4. Pay yourself first: Whenever you get your monthly salary always keep some perfect of it for yourself.

5. Leave bad habits: Leave bad habits like smoking, liquor and other habits which affect your financial growth and waste lot of your money.

So this was my article on how to save the money and if you follow these effective money saving tips surely you will see some changes in your financial growth. If you liked this article then please share this to everyone and don’t forget to comment down below.

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