Nokia 6.1 / 6.1 Plus Google camera 7.2.010_Urnyx05-v2.3 latest

6.1 Plus / 6.1 now supports Gcam 7.2, that is the latest version of Google camera. The new version has fully revamped user interface, which makes very easy for the user to toggle between many settings. Latest Google camera for Nokia 6.1 Plus & 6.1 Google camera 7.2


Download google camera 7.2.010_Urnyx05-v2.3 for Nokia 6.1 plus here:

Specially there is 16:9 and 4:3 ratio photos, which can be set on the camera screen itself, which makes it very easy for switching between the ratios. There are few bugs in this Google camera 7.0, still it captures photos with great details and the video camera works flawlessly. Latest Google camera for Nokia 6.1 Plus & 6.1 Google camera 7.2

The only concern here is the Portrait mode. The rear portrait mode freezes when launched and the front portrait blurs out the whole image (sometimes). Also the slow motion is not working as it was the same case in older versions.

Also you need to disable Hexagon in the settings which we have provided screenshot below.

So finally although it is not the perfect Google camera, but still you can install it to get your own experience on the new release of the Google camera.

Here is link for the Latest Google camera for Nokia 6.1 Plus & 6.1 : Gcam7.2

Below are screenshots of settings of Gcam7.2

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The links included in the post also includes earlier versions of Google camera 6.2 and Google camera 6.3 respectively. The Google camera 6.2 and 6.3 works more stable than this build.

However during our tests the Google camera 7.2 performed better in the camera and still images section. The photos came out really good. The videos on the other hand has the same resolution and stability as the earlier version. The night mode is broken after initial usage.

Soon we will post the updated Google camera whenever it is available for usage. As the Pixel phones are launching soon. We can expect new updated Google camera soon.

For any doubts, make sure you leave the comment below.

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