Upcoming marvel cinematic universe movies | Marvel movies in order – MCU

Upcoming marvel cinematic universe movies: Get the list of upcoming marvel movies which will be releasing in coming years by  MCU. After endgame many marvel fans were disappointed by the death of Iron man. But still many are waiting for their new upcoming marvel movies by MCU.

New upcoming marvel cinematic universe movies – MCU

upcomming marvel movies

From the last 8 years MCU is doing very well in film industry and are growing year by year. From last year till now they released many movies which became very popular and they were liked by everyone. But now here is the list of 5 new upcoming marvel cinematic universe movies which will be releasing soon by marvel cinematic universe (MCU).

1. Spider-Man Lethal

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Spider-Man lethal foes is a upcoming marvel cinematic universe movie based on marvel comics and the main the character in this movie is spiderman aka peter parker and venom. The casting of the movie are Tom holland as spiderman, Tom hardy as venom and Woody Harrelson as Carnage. There is no much of information about this movie but this is going to be a crossover between sony and marvel. So we can expect a lot from this movie. So basically according to rumors which I heard the spiderman aka Tom Holland will be teaming up with Venom to defeat Carnage.

Since is Carnage is lot stronger than Venom and has some special powers it might be very difficult to defeat him. The story is going to be epic and many people are waiting for it to release. This movie will be releasing on about July 2021 and we expect lot from Spiderman lethal foes. So this is going to be a best upcoming marvel movie in 2021 by marvel cinematic universe.

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2. Black Panther 2

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Black Panther 2 is also a impressive new upcoming marvel movie which will be coming soon by marvel cinematic universe. The first part of the movie Black panther was one of the best marvel movies and it was based on marvel comics. The king of of wakanda the black panther is a epic mcu character and also one of the strongest mcu charter we had seen in Avengers movie. As he disappeared in Avengers infinity war after thanos snapped his infinity gauntlet, but was in avengers endgame and did very well in those two movies.

black panther 2

There are lot of rumors about Black panther 2 by MCU and the story will be all about protecting his village wakanda. As we know their famous slogan “Wakanda forever“. So there are lot of possibilities that we may get to see Namor who is known as king of ocean. The most of the story will be according to the marvel comics. And this upcoming marvel movie will be the epic movie in coming years. We may get to see this movie in theaters by 2021 as there are many movies which are going to be released by MCU. So this is also one of the best upcoming marvel movies in coming years by MCU.

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3. Black Widow

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Black widow is the favorite character of many marvel fans. The character black widow is completely based on marvel comics. Black widow also known as Natasha Romanoff is the main character of this movie, it is taken up by Scarlett jhonson. She is the very promising actress for this character. Last time we saw black widow sacrificing her life to get soul stone to beat Thanos.

black widow

And it will be very difficult to bring her back since she is trapped in soul stone. And the only way to bring her back would be to go to the past, but this is nearly impossible for other Avengers. So basically in this movie we will get to see Black widow’s childhood like how she became a black widow and from her childhood till she joined avengers team. The movie is going to be very interesting since it is realistic. So this one is also going to be one of the best upcoming marvel cinematic universe movies in coming years by MCU. And it is expected to release within the end of 2022.

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4. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

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Guardians of the galaxy is surely one of the best space movies in MCU. But what makes it special is the characters in this movie. In guardians of galaxy part 1 & 2 we had following characters namely star lord, Gamora, Nebula, Drax, Mantis, Rocket raccoon and everyone’s favorite Groot. So in the new movie we are surely not gonna see the powerful adult groot but we will get to to see the small groot which we had in avengers infinity war.

guardians of the galaxy

But we will surely get to see Thor as new character in guardians of galaxy vol 3. Because we had seen asguardian’s death in Avengers infinity war and also loki was killed for the infinity stone. So Thor will be joining to star lord team to fight against their enemies as he do not have any other purpose to live in space. So this is going to be a interesting movie and MCU has confirmed that they’ll be releasing its trailer within the beginning of the year 2022. But what is the exact story no can expect since there is no hint about it by MCU. By the way we can expect this movie to do better in the coming years. And this could be one of the best upcoming marvel movies by marvel cinematic universe (MCU).

5. Doctor strange 2

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Doctor strange is favorite character of everyone and is very promising character. The Doctor Stevan strange is also a very powerful character of MCU. His first film Doctor strange was all about how he developed or transformed from a normal guy to something epic. After accident where he lost his body potential he goes to a nun and later he learns his potential to create magic. And this movie is almost liked by every marvel fan.

doctor strange

Doctor strange is so powerful that even Dormammu who is one of the strongest MCU villian cannot beat him. This makes him so special hence therefore we can expect that the villain will be exceptionally very powerful in this movie. And Doctor strange will unlock his true potential in this movie. But very important thing is there is no clue by MCU that who will be the villain in the movie Doctor strange 2. Even then we expect that  this movie is going to be one of the best upcoming marvel movies by MCU. And this movie is to be release in the beginning of the year 2024.

So this was all about the 5 best upcoming marvel movies which we can get to see in coming years. But above mentioned movies are not confirmed yet by marvel cinematic universe or MCU but there are 90% of chance. Yet there some more number of movies which going to release soon. After avengers endgame its been very sad to know that we wont see iron man in future movies of marvel. But we can expect someone like him to continue his character.

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